Christmas gifts came early…

On Friday, Dec 15th, Bonny Amemiya, Erin Shon, and Trevon Benn from The GIFT Foundation of Hawaii awarded I Am a Scientist with a $55,000.00 grant in support of our STEM outreach program.

Left to right: Lynn Haff, Lori Shimoda, Bonny Amemiya (GIFT Foundation), Erin Shon (GIFT Foundation), Dean Helen Turner, and Trevon Benn (GIFT Foundation). Photo credit: The GIFT Foundation of Hawaii.

We are very grateful to all the donors who supported us through the GIFT Foundation’s fundraising event. This grant will be used to expand our program so we can serve more students and schools. We will also work to extend our reach to the neighbor island schools. A long term goal is to use this funding to position our program to secure Federal funding and develop a self-sustainable funding model.

Link to the MidWeek article featuring the GIFT foundation beneficiaries:

Link to The GIFT Foundation of Hawaii: