Myron B Thompson Academy 1 December 2017

On Dec 1st, 6th graders from Myron B Thompson Academy discovered that learning is fun and exciting when you do it in a newly renovated laboratory, using amazing equipment, and when your instructors are super cool Chaminade University science students.

IAS with the 6th grade scientists of Myron B. Thompson Academy

During their “Gene Genius” module, students used colored beads to help them understand how DNA codes instructions for the diversity of life. They also extracted their own DNA, and were able to keep a sample of it in a small glass vial.

Their visit was capped off with a campus tour to see other classroom settings, the library and student center. While touring our research facility they were very excited and proud when they noticed that researchers used the same type of equipment they used in their lab activity.

Chaminade science undergraduates and Ho’oulu scholar recipients served as instructors and role models for their younger peers, demonstrating service and a path toward higher education.

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