IAS at Ali`iolani Elementary School 28 & 30 November 2017

On Nov 28 and 30, Scientist and students from Chaminade University visited 2nd graders at Aliiolani Elem.

Our “Germs On Me” module turned ordinary kids into “Germ Hunters”.

IAS with the 2nd graders at Ali`iolani Elementary School

Students and teachers participated in a fun activity to see how quickly a “germ” could spread from one person to the rest of the class in just a few minutes. In their experiment, a lot of kids got “infected” by the pretend germ. They discussed what to do when you get sick, and ways to prevent the spread of germs to friends and family.

Students also performed a hand washing experiment to see the effect of washing on the amount of bacteria on a their teacher’s hand. In their experiment, hand washing removed almost all the bacteria that was originally there.

The “Germ Hunters” explored their classroom to discover the living microscopic world they live in by taking samples from their environment, culturing (growing) it on an agar dish, then observing and describing what grew. They were introduced to microbiology and had a great time using microscopes.

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