IAS at Astronaut Lacy Veach Day of Discovery, October 28, 2017

Chaminade science students shared their passion for learning with the younger generation at the Astronaut Lacy Veach Day of Discovery at Punahou School.

Ho’oulu scholars helped participants use Forensic Science techniques that they might see being used on TV or in movies. Participants made their own 10 print finger print card and learnt about finger print analysis and discovered how each finger print is unique. They also dusted and lifted latent finger prints from everyday objects to see how we leave our “prints” on everything we touch.

Environmental Studies students hosted two Ecology workshops. Participants learnt about the Ecology, Biology and Conservation of Hawaii’s Anchialine ponds. They also made a sustainable brackish habitat with ‘Opae’ula. By observing and learning from keeping their ‘Opae habitat healthy, they will continue to learn about nutrient, water, and life cycles that affect their ‘Opae.