IAS at Lunalilo Elementary 14 November

On Nov 14, the Lunalilo Elem school library was transformed into a sugar laboratory.

I Am a Scientist at Lunalilo Elementary school

Dressed in crisp white lab coats, 2nd graders participated in a sugar-science event with their parents.

  • They weighed, measured, mixed, and poured sugar.  They used top loading balances, vortex mixers, test tubes, graduated cylinders, and hydrometers to understand properties of solutions and to see just how much sugar they consume in their favorite drink.
  • They discovered a bottle of apple juice contains more sugar than a can of cola.
  • Read the nutrition facts label and make wise & healthy choices.
I Am a Scientist at Lunalilo

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I Am a Scientist at Lunalilo

Stevenson Middle School 8th graders

On November 17, 8th graders from Stevenson Middle School visited our campus.  They took a campus tour to see what Chaminade University has to offer an undergraduate student.

8th graders of Stevenson Middle School visit the Chaminade University campus

They also experienced what its like to do science in our teaching laboratories in Henry Hall.

Stevenson Middle School 8th graders and IAS

Chaminade’s Ho’oulu Scholars instructed the 8th graders in a Molecular Biology lab activity.   The students used colored beads to better understand the DNA code, and extracted their own DNA.

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Girl Scout STEM Fest at the Pacific Aviation Museum

I am a scientist with the Girl Scouts of Hawaii hosted their annual Girl Scout STEM Fest at the Pacific Aviation Museum

Girl Scouts of Hawaii hosted their annual Girl Scout STEM Fest at the Pacific Aviation Museum.  STEM Fest offers a diverse opportunity for Scouts to experience scientific exploration and meet female professionals in the STEM field.

Chaminade University’s IAS program brought real scientists, Dr. Katelynn Perrault, Assistant Professor of Forensic Science, a Medicolegal Death Investigator with the Hawaii Medical Examiner’s office, and a research scientist at Chaminade University, along with their equipment, to let Scouts experience how much fun it is to learn and work in a research lab.  The equipment we use everyday help us do our job, but it’s also super cool and amazing, and we wanted the Scouts to experience that.

Scouts learnt about chemistry, density, solubility, physics, and math all while having fun.  They used top loading balances, graduated cylinders, pipettors & serological pipets, micro-pipettors & pipet tips, centrifuge tubes, vortex mixers and a centrifuge.  To experience the wonders of science using real scientific equipment with real scientists was fun and enlightening for the Scouts.

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IAS at Astronaut Lacy Veach Day of Discovery, October 28, 2017

Chaminade science students shared their passion for learning with the younger generation at the Astronaut Lacy Veach Day of Discovery at Punahou School.

Ho’oulu scholars helped participants use Forensic Science techniques that they might see being used on TV or in movies. Participants made their own 10 print finger print card and learnt about finger print analysis and discovered how each finger print is unique. They also dusted and lifted latent finger prints from everyday objects to see how we leave our “prints” on everything we touch.

Environmental Studies students hosted two Ecology workshops. Participants learnt about the Ecology, Biology and Conservation of Hawaii’s Anchialine ponds. They also made a sustainable brackish habitat with ‘Opae’ula. By observing and learning from keeping their ‘Opae habitat healthy, they will continue to learn about nutrient, water, and life cycles that affect their ‘Opae.