Hokulani Elementary School 18 October 2017

Hokulani’s library was transformed into a microscopy research facility. Fourth graders dressed in their lab coats learned microscopy and histology techniques to help them discover a whole new world around them.

Using magnifying glasses, dissecting and compound microscopes they got to see how different scientific tools are used, and how each are useful in their own way.

They also learned how to prepare their own specimen slide and looked at it under a microscope.

Microscope slides prepared by Hokulani Elementary School scientists.

They discovered that pond water contains living organisms not easily seen with their unaided eye.

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Wailua Elementary School, 6 October 2017

Wailua Elementary School 5th graders were transformed into Molecular Biologists as they put on their lab coats, safety glasses, and gloves.

IAS at Waialua Elementary School

Using micro pippetors, tubes and chemicals, they extracted their own DNA from their cheek cells.

IAS at Waialua Elementary School

It was exciting to see how much DNA each scientist was able to collect into a small glass vial that they got to keep.

To better understand the DNA code, the young scientists created their own DNA name sequence using colored beads to represent each of the four nucleotides.

“This is the best day ever,” was what one student scientist exclaimed.

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IAS at Waialua elementary SChool

30th National Chemistry Week at Kahala Mall

The 30th National Chemistry Week presented by the Hawaii Local Section of the American Chemical Society is being co-ordinated by Dr. Katelynn Perrault (Assistant Professor of Forensic Sciences/Chemistry at Chaminade University). An interactive science day at Kahala Mall is being organized and will promote chemistry awareness in our local community.

The annual National Chemistry Week event will be on October 28th, 2017 from 9am to 3pm at Kahala Mall.

Chaminade University Forensic Sciences Club and Chaminade University Chemistry Club will both be participating to promote this year’s theme “Chemistry Rocks” with a focus on geochemistry.

24th annual Hawaii Children & Youth Day

IAS and Chaminade’s School of Nursing participated in the 24th annual Hawaii Children & Youth Day at the Capitol.

The School of Nursing offered free blood pressure monitoring and information.

The Ho’oulu Scholars helped kids and families see the amount sugar they consume in sweetened drinks. Kids read the nutrition facts label on the drink container to learn how much sugar the drink contained. Then they weighed the amount of sugar into a cup so they could see how much sugar they would consume. It was an eye opening experience for kids and parents.

Blanche Pope Elementary School

6th graders from Blanche Pope Elementary School came to Chaminade to see what it’s like to be a college student. Participating in the College For Every Student (CFES) program, they toured the campus and spent time in a science teaching lab doing a simple motor experiment.

Under the guidance of Physics students, research staff and professors, they experimented with current and electrical fields to design and build a simple motor. With each failed attempt, students learned how to modify the next design to eventually create a working motor. Success is sweet after working hard for it.

At the end of the visit, we were honored to receive an Oli Mahalo from the students. Kumu Kahoa, Chaminade’s Cultural Engagement Specialist responded back with an oli and words of gratitude.

It was a wonderful day at Chaminade University.

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Myron B. Thompson Academy 2nd & 3rd graders

On September 20th, 2nd and 3rd graders from the Myron B Thompson Academy visited Chaminade University for a campus tour and a scientific laboratory experience with research scientists.

Myron B. Academy 2nd graders
IAS staff and the 2nd grade scientists of Myron B. Academy in their lab coats!

Since it’s never too early to start thinking about college, these students toured our campus by visiting the student center, checked out the library, looked in on classrooms, met professors, and explored a research laboratory.

Myron B. Academy 3rd graders
IAS staff and the 3rd grade scientists of Myron B. Academy in their lab coats!

They also spent time in our science teaching laboratory to learn about sugar by conducting experiments. They used a scale to weigh out the amount of sugar contained in a beverage to be able to see how much sugar they consume. They discovered that dissolved sugar is not easy to see, so they used hydrometers to determine the amount of dissolved sugar in various solutions. They used scales, graduated cylinders, beakers, and stir plates to see how quickly different amounts of sugar dissolves in water. Using test tubed and a vortex mixer, they discovered that there is a limit to the amount of sugar that can be dissolved in water. They also got to spend time with real live scientists and ask us all sorts of questions.

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Mobile Lab Coalition in PLOS Biology — 1.2 million kids and counting


Chaminade University’s IAS is an inaugural member of the Mobile Lab Coalition, a nonprofit organization of mobile and other laboratory-based education programs built on scientist and educator collaborations, and contributed program data for the article.

Jones AL, Stapleton MK (2017) 1.2 million kids and counting—Mobile science laboratories drive student interest in STEM.  PLoS Biol 15(5): e2001692.