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Exciting hands-on inquiry based science experiments

Wailua Elementary School, 6 October 2017

Wailua Elementary School 5th graders were transformed into Molecular Biologists as they put on their lab coats, safety glasses, and gloves.

IAS at Waialua Elementary School

Using micro pippetors, tubes and chemicals, they extracted their own DNA from their cheek cells.

IAS at Waialua Elementary School

It was exciting to see how much DNA each scientist was able to collect into a small glass vial that they got to keep.

To better understand the DNA code, the young scientists created their own DNA name sequence using colored beads to represent each of the four nucleotides.

“This is the best day ever,” was what one student scientist exclaimed.

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IAS at Waialua elementary SChool

Myron B. Thompson Academy 2nd & 3rd graders

On September 20th, 2nd and 3rd graders from the Myron B Thompson Academy visited Chaminade University for a campus tour and a scientific laboratory experience with research scientists.

Myron B. Academy 2nd graders
IAS staff and the 2nd grade scientists of Myron B. Academy in their lab coats!

Since it’s never too early to start thinking about college, these students toured our campus by visiting the student center, checked out the library, looked in on classrooms, met professors, and explored a research laboratory.

Myron B. Academy 3rd graders
IAS staff and the 3rd grade scientists of Myron B. Academy in their lab coats!

They also spent time in our science teaching laboratory to learn about sugar by conducting experiments. They used a scale to weigh out the amount of sugar contained in a beverage to be able to see how much sugar they consume. They discovered that dissolved sugar is not easy to see, so they used hydrometers to determine the amount of dissolved sugar in various solutions. They used scales, graduated cylinders, beakers, and stir plates to see how quickly different amounts of sugar dissolves in water. Using test tubed and a vortex mixer, they discovered that there is a limit to the amount of sugar that can be dissolved in water. They also got to spend time with real live scientists and ask us all sorts of questions.

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IAS Visits St. Mark Lutheran School in Kaneohe

This past August, our research staff and volunteers visited St. Mark Lutheran School in Kaneohe, HI. The 4th grade class compared the nutritional content of traditional Hawaiian foods to that of their modern diet. (IAS Modules Food chemistry and Hawaiian Traditional Knowledge)

Students took samples from their lunch and mashed it up with water using a mortar and pestle. Then they prepared several test tubes with a small amount of their liquid food sample. They used several chemical tests that produced a color change to detect if their food contained starch, sugar, protein and fat. For example fats will stain bright red, if there is no sugar it will turn blue, it there is sugar it will turn orange.

Traditional Hawaiian food items were also tested in the same way. The students made comparisons and determined the traditional food items were a lot healthier.

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IAS will host a workshop at 2017 Lacy Veach Day of Discovery

Saturday, October 28, 2017
8:00 am – 2:45 pm
at Punahou School

Their web site is now open and accepting registrations

WORKSHOP 2017_14   Hawai‘i’s Anchialine Pools and the Opae‘ula
Lori Shimoda, Environmental Studies, Chaminade University
» Hawai‘i’s anchialine pools are unique fragile environments. Make an Opae‘ula micro-habitat to learn the complexities of a sustainable ecosystem.

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